1916 Centenary Branded Trolley Tokens

A Special Product For a Special Year.

We’re offering limited edition 1916 Centenary Branded Trolley Tokens with souvenir coins. Let your customers carry your brand with them wherever they go.

To mark the centenary of the Easter Rising, we have crafted a range of limited edition, commemorative trolley keyrings featuring souvenir coins. These represent a unique opportunity for you to align your brand with the centenary in a tasteful way.

The Easter Rising was one of the defining moments of the struggle for Irish independence & Tara Slevin Group wanted to commemorate (& help our customers) the occasion of its centenary.

  • These Trolley Keyrings are both practical & stylish souvenirs of a momentous event in Irish history.
  • Each Trolley Keyring comes with a souvenir coin which can be customised with your brand’s design & logo on the front & the 1916 souvenir trolley coin on the back.
  • Available in 3 fetching & durable materials & composites – metal; plastic; metal & leather back, there’s an option to suit all brand identities.
  • Samples can be manufactured on request.

The back of the coin features an engraving of a harp, an important Irish symbol  used during Easter Rising & the words “remembering the brave men & women” to recognise the contribution of those who sacrificed their lives during the events.


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