5 Reasons We Still Love Paper Diaries

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Are you hesitating to order promotional diaries for 2017 because you suspect people prefer their digital devices? We have more options for digital diaries than we can compare. Our phones, devices and laptops all feature calendars and planners. Whatever we think of them, we still have them. But the shops are still full of good, old-fashioned diaries from simple and small enough to tuck into your pocket to large and deluxe enough to make a statement. Obviously, we still love them and use them. If you are worried that the promotional diaries your company has been giving out forever might be less welcome in this digital age, consider a few of the reasons people love them.

  • The physical act of writing helps us remember things. Studies have shown that students who take notes by hand in class do better on tests than those who type their notes on a laptop during lectures. Writing appears to engage the brain differently than typing the same information on a keyboard.
  • They are easy to read at a glance. You don’t have to log in or adjust the view or anything. Just flip open the diary and there’s your day or week at a glance. It’s comforting. It’s easy to avoid double booking yourself. You can see what’s coming easily.
  • They don’t lose data. Sure, you can lose your diary just as you can lose your mobile or your device. But your diary is not going to malfunction and erase anything by itself, even if your children get hold of it.
  • We have to worry about our expensive electronics being stolen when we are out and about. While your diary might be priceless to you, it has no resale value. Muggers want your device, not your diary.
  • Diaries are much easier to personalize. Digital planners might have lots of snazzy functions and do all sorts of things, but they don’t always do precisely what you want them to do. You can add whatever notes you want in the section for phone numbers. You can draw little pictures to help you remember ideas. You can colour code your appointments.

People are still buying diaries, and that is solid evidence that promotional diaries are as popular as ever with those who receive them. If you haven’t ordered your company’s promotional diaries for 2017, don’t delay. Put a note in your diary to do it today or tomorrow.

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