6 Things To Do With Your Notebook

Keeping a notebook, diary or journal can be an effective way of organising your life and nurturing your creativity. Finding the time to update a notebook can save you time in the long-run. As we pointed out in a previous blog post, many famous artists and authors kept famous notebooks. Still not convinced? Well you will be after reading our six things you can do with your notebook!

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1 – Keep Track Of Your Time

Ever stop and wondered where the time went? Who hasn’t!

Find out where your time is going to by keeping track of it in your notebook. Then you can see if you’re spending too much or too little time on certain tasks, how much you are spending with the family, and how much time you spend procrastinating!

2 – Keep Track Of Your Expenses

Your time going down the drain is one thing but your money washing away is an entirely different problem!

Use your notebook to monitor your expenses. Find out just how much is going on frivolous expenses, how much you will need to cut back on in order to save a certain amount, and how much do you spend on the people you love and on doing the things you enjoy.

Tara Calendars3 – Keep A Food / Exercise Diary

Many people have both short and long-term goals related to fitness and health. Using your notebook or journal to keep track of how often you exercise and how much you eat could be an effective way of keeping on top of your well-being.

4 – Carry It Everywhere You Go

Leonardo da Vinci had the habit of bringing a notebook with him everywhere he went. He would use it to sketch interesting things he saw or to jot down ideas and observations. Doing this allowed him to dwell on and develop some of his artistic ideas.

Following da Vinci’s lead could be an effective method of improving your creativity whether at work or in your spare time.

Tara Notebooks5 – Write Down Your Favourite Quotes

Many of us have favourite quotes of wit and wisdom, be they from the likes of Oscar Wilde, to ancient philosophers and modern sports stars. Remembering them and reciting them at appropriate times can be another matter altogether. Copy down some of your favourite quotes in a notebook and they can serve to lift your spirits or help you call on them when the opportunity arises.

6 – Create A Bucket List

Slightly morbid but no matter your age or health situation it can be smart to compile a list of all the things you want to do and the places you want to see. Once compiled, you can start by ticking off each one as you experience it and target the items still to do. Busmuharddilo . Seoucebabemor