title page bespoke diary

Diary.2To mark the centenary of the Easter Rising & Brooks Group’s connection to events which took place, Tara Slevin Group have crafted exquisite, bespoke diaries. These limited edition, commemorative diaries feature historical pictures of Brooks’ former headquarters on Sackville Place & a letter written by Brooks dating from the time. The diaries can be ordered early in 2016 for delivery towards the end of the year ready for distribution.

Brooks Group’s first location in Dublin was on Sackville Place which situated the premises right in the crossfire of Easter Rising in 1916. It is owing to this happenstance that the dust jackets of the diaries feature such striking black & white photographs of the original building & streetscape at that time. The front cover features a small boy in shorts & hat in the foreground, a dapper man sporting a bow tie, top hat & cane next to a woman wearing a gown & gloves in the middle distance,  while the branding of “Brooks, Thomas & Co, Ltd” is clearly visible on the building’s facade in the background. Trypcirpostlove . This image constitutes a rare snapshot of Dublin & Brooks during this era, with its cobblestoned streets & inhabitants in elegant attire. Moreover it serves to place the picture adorning the back cover in even starker relief.


This arresting picture has subverted the characters which populated the preceding image. Although the building in the background is still clearly recognisable as Brooks HQ (denoted by services provided such as:  “cement ; fireclay; pipes” & “Brooks” emblazoned on the sliding gates), a different tone permeates this scene. The cart which featured so beautifully on the front cover has literally been inverted & is now being used as a barricade. The dapper hats & swish clothes have been replaced by military caps & fatigues & the men instead of brandishing canes are wielding rifles.

Also included in the diaries is a copy of a letter from Brooks to the General Officer Commanding, Military, Headquarters, Dublin dated the 5th of May 1916. This missive, seeking restitution for damages incurred during the uprising, is of historical importance & a rare piece of memorabilia. As mentioned above, at this time the company was located at Sackville Place/Talbot St. (this can be seen if one examines the photo closely) placing it in the centre of the rebellious activity which was underway. Cianutsballduckti Although the company maintains an outlet near this location on Abbey Street today it’s important to document Brooks’ connection to such a significant moment in Irish history.

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