Branding Made Simple with Promotional Items


We’ve all heard the advice. Less is more. Keep it simple sweetie. Stick to an elevator pitch, a sales pitch short enough to be delivered in the time it takes to travel in an elevator. When you have a great brand to promote, it isn’t easy. Of course you want to tell potential customers all about how wonderful your products or services are and how generally amazing your company is.

When you are talking to a potential buyer or writing content for your website you have the chance to do that, but branding is something different. Branding is not about delivering your whole message but about boosting awareness of your brand. The keys to branding are repetition and consistency. So when you are creating a branding campaign, you want to find opportunities to get your logo in front of people such as promotional items such as calendars, pens, mouse pads, bags, etc.

The idea of branding is to create impact. You need to include your company’s name and a powerful visual image. You might include a catchy slogan or one way to contact the company such as a website. No more. More detail is less likely to stick in people’s minds, making it less effective than a sharp visual. And of course, it’s hard to fit more than that on promotional items such as USB devices or golf balls.

Promotional items are powerful tools for branding. People use calendars, pens, mouse matts and other items every day. But a branding campaign has to extend beyond promotional items to be effective. Your email signature should include your logo. All of your visuals from your letterhead to your website to your invoices should include your logo. If you have a shopfront or office, your logo should be on your signage. The more people see a logo, the more likely they are to remember the company.

Raising brand awareness is only one part of a sound marketing strategy. It is an important part, but on its own it isn’t going to close any sales. As part of a broader marketing plan, however, using promotional items to boost brand awareness is a strong tactic – provided that you keep it simple!

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