Changing Times at Tara Slevin


Eddie Slevin founded this business in 1982 and has steered the helm through good times and challenging times. Having recently turned 65, Managing Director Eddie is charting a new course for himself and for Tara Slevin. He’s planning to retire. It’s a well-earned step for a man who has been working hard since he left school in his early teens to take up work. But Eddie isn’t going to jump ship abruptly.

Eddie plans to gradually ease out of the business over the next five years. He’s cutting his days shorter to start. And he has his capable successors ready to step up. Eddie’s daughter Rachel Slevin and nephew Kevin Kelly are stepping up to the helm. Rachel is currently the business development director, and Kevin is director of sales. They have ample experience and deep insight into the business and the sector, and Eddie has served as a business mentor as well as a father and uncle.

What’s Ahead For Tara Slevin?

While Eddie is looking forward to devoting more time to his wife and family – and golf – Rachel and Kevin are moving forward with plans to expand the product lines and develop the brand’s digital presence. The Tara Slevin Group launched a medical supply division in 2014, and Rachel and Kevin are building on its success. The medical supply division sells a range of single-use necessities such as gloves, slippers and bandages as well as first aid kits to hospitals and other medical facilities. Rachel and Kevin plan to expand to include hygiene products. They are also boosting the brand’s online activities. Plans include focusing on SEO and digital marketing, and the pair are considering developing an online Tara Slevin Group store.

The Tara Slevin Group has seen massive changes since Eddie started business in 1982. Their product lines have evolved, as has their own marketing strategy. The company has survived and thrived through the arrival of the internet, a complicated merger and the recent economic turmoil that rattled the nation. Throughout it all, Eddie and his team have continued to keep on top of the latest developments by staying informed and continually learning new things. Now the big challenge will be for Eddie to learn to take it easy and enjoy more leisure time!