Choosing The Right Promotional Calendars

Promotional calendars featuring your company’s name and logo are an effective way to stay on your customers’ radar.  Customers will use them for a whole year, and see your name and logo every time.  It’s a powerful branding tool.  How can you make the most of it?  By picking artwork that your customers like.  Practical is good, but practical and beautiful is even better.  

Tara Slevin offers a wide range of themes and designs for our promotional calendars.  You can pick the art that will most appeal to your customers… but how do you know what that is?  Ask yourself a few questions about the people who use your products or services.

  • Do they share a common interest?  Sometimes this is easy.  If you sell sports equipment, you know your customers are interested in sports.  If your business is related to pet care, artwork featuring animals is going to be a hit.  Maybe it’s more abstract than that.  If your client base is farmers or hauliers or sales people who travel around Ireland, promotional calendars featuring scenes of Ireland are a nice reminder of the beauty around them.  
  • What’s the mood like in their industry?  Is their industry very competitive?  Sports and inspirational sayings tie into that… and relaxing pastoral scenes can promote calm and focus in a hectic environment.
  • What do you want to say about your company?  Do you focus on local communities?  Scenes of Ireland support that message.  Is your brand about luxury and enjoying life?  Classic cars, travel destinations and golf are themes to underpin your image.
  • What is your market’s demographic?  Are you distributing your promotional calendars to young people who ready for adventure or to retirees who want to enjoy their comforts?  Are your customers busy raising their families?  Travel destinations will inspire anyone at a point in their life where they can set out for adventure – students and retirees.  Animals and nature scenes are cheerful and interesting.  They appeal to families with children, environmentally conscious people and anyone in an open plan office with co-workers they’d like to escape!
  • Where will people put them?  Will they be hung in drab cubicles that need brightening up or busy spaces that need calming down?  Are they going to homes, offices or other spaces such as workshops, garages, reception areas or clinics?

Remember, that your company is there to meet a need for your clients – think about what promotional calendar art relates to that need in some way.  Yours might not be the only promotional calendar your clients get this autumn, so you want to make sure it is the one they like best.