How Colour Builds Your Brand

branded colour pencils

The psychology of colour is not a simple, straightforward thing. Colours do not have the same meaning for everyone. Different cultures assign different meanings to colours, and even within a culture we view colours differently. Seeing red and painting the town red are not the same thing. While we can’t sum up the impact of specific colours in a handy chart, the hues you use are an important part of your brand identity for a few reasons.

Colours do have an impact on our mood. It’s usually more general than those charts you see say, but it is important. Colours are divided into two groups – warm and cool. Red, orange and yellow are warm colours. They generally suggest energy. Blue, green and most shades of purple are cool colours. They are usually seen as calm. Warm colours might indicate fun and excitement, while cool colours suggest peace and reliability. And remember, different shades of the same colour communicate different messages. A soft, pastel yellow is very unlike a high visibility yellow. Navy blue and neon blue create different moods.

What Your Audience Says

You want people to recognize your brand immediately. The second their eyes spot your logo, you want them to think of your company and all of your company’s values. Two tactics will make this happen. First you need a distinctive logo that sets you apart. The colours you use are part of that. When you are developing a logo, check out the competition and try to avoid the same colours they use. You want your logo to stand apart from them. Repetition is the second tactic. People need to see the exact same logo in your precise colours over and over for it to sink in.

This isn’t a goal you achieve once and then cross off your to-do list. Your marketing campaign needs an array of tactics to get your name, logo and message in front of your potential customers repeatedly over time. You need to use your logo and colours consistently on everything from your website to your Facebook profile to your letterhead and your packaging. Promotional items are an important tool because unlike most other platforms for your logo, people look at them for prolonged periods. They will see your logo briefly when they scroll through their social media and see what you’ve shared. But they will see it for long periods of time on their mug, mousepad or wall calendar.