Consistency Is the Key to Brand Success

brand sucess

To succeed, your brand needs to be recognised.  The goal of all marketing is for people to instantly recognize a brand and feel positive about it.  To achieve this, people need to see a consistent image of your brand.  If they have to make an effort to figure out if something is part of your brand, you will lose their attention.  Every time they see your brand, they need to see the same thing.  Some aspect of that are obvious.  You should always use the same logo, for example.  But other aspects are more abstract, and some elements of your marketing tend to slip off the radar when you are thinking about consistency.  Here are three angles to consider when you are crafting your brand recognition strategy.


The most obvious aspect of brand recognition is the look.  Your visuals must be consistent.  This includes using the same logo in the same colour every time as well as more details.  Your website and all printed materials should use the same colour scheme and font.  Your promotional gifts should also fit the same look as your other materials.


In all of your marketing, you are conveying a message.  It should be the same message all the time.  This message is more than what you are saying in a blog post or Tweet.  The larger message is not always spelled out.  It addresses your brand’s core values.  What do you want to communicate about brand?  Is it great value or sheer luxury?  Solid and reliable or whimsical and quirky?  Artistic or utilitarian?  You can communicate this value not only through your visuals and content, but also with promotional gifts.  Think about the different impact of an umbrella, a bound notebook, a golf towel and a tin of sweets.  Choosing promotional gifts that underscore your brand’s key values helps build a consistent and easily recognized image for your brand.


How you say it counts as much as what you say.  The tone of your web content and written materials should be consistent.  Think about who you are speaking to and what they need from you.  People expect certain industries to be more serious.  Finance and construction, for example, want to use a tone that reassures potential customers that they are serious, no-nonsense and trustworthy.  Health care and hospitality are fields that want to demonstrate a caring tone.  Your tone should be consistent with your message.

Consistency is the key to brand recognition.  And brand recognition is what builds trust and encourages people to make a purchase.  The time spent deciding on and sticking to a consistent look, message and tone will pay off for any sector.

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