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When people go shopping for anything, they tend to be drawn to what is familiar. That’s why brand recognition is linked to any company’s success, whether it is selling to individual consumers or other businesses. It isn’t the only factor in closing a sale, of course, but it is a critical one. Traditionally, companies built brand awareness with advertising campaigns, which is extremely costly. Today, we have new methods that are more cost effective and more powerful. Two of the most accessible and most effective ways for Irish businesses to build brand recognition are social media and swag, aka promotional products.

Social Media – Having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media platforms is a brilliant form of organic marketing for Irish businesses. You have a platform to be seen and shared to more potential clients, increasing your brand recognition. Social media is also a tool to develop your brand identity and let people know more about your company. Don’t just display your products and services. Give your audience a sense of your company’s values and ethos; let them know what makes your business unique. Irish businesses should approach social media like any other advertising campaign – develop a strategy to produce measurable results. The likes, followers and shares you get are quantifiable, after all.

Swag – Your promotional products are almost like an unplugged version of social media. They too can be liked and shared! Select items that can be seen by more people than just the recipient such as promotional wall calendars, mugs and pens. Don’t be stingy handing them out. Remember, they are not gifts. They are a shrewd and efficient marketing tool. Just like with social media, it pays to know your audience and select what will really appeal to them. Irish businesses can count on promotional umbrellas being appreciated! Wall calendars and desk diaries appeal to almost everyone, and they will be looked at daily. Practical promotional items are most effective because people will use them, and that will put your name and logo in front of your audience frequently.

Branding is a core part of your advertising campaign, and it needs to be consistent to be effective. Stick with one logo and use it on everything you can. A promotional wall calendar is not going to close a sale, but it will boost your brand recognition and give your business an edge. Social media and promotional products are incredible value as well. Social media is free, and the price of your swag is very low considering how often your audience will see it.

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