Why Digital Planners Will Never Replace Paper Calendars

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Pretty much everyone has a digital planner now.  They’re a basic feature on phones and laptops.  A digital planner is an easy tool to synchronize the calendars of any group of people and to notify staff of events.  They are very efficient. But they still can’t replace paper calendars.  A diary or wall calendar has some distinct advantages.  If you are debating whether or not to give out promotional wall calendars or branded diaries for 2018, here’s a few points to consider.


  • Writing things down helps us remember them, but typing them into a computer doesn’t.  Studies have shown that students who take written notes retain the information from lectures better than those who use a device to take notes.
  • Many people find it easier to look at the week’s plans on a wall calendar than on a digital planner.  It’s hard to explain why, but we all have our preferences.  And some of us have a strong preference for paper.
  • Paper calendars are entirely customizable.  Digital versions feature fields and details you don’t always need, and filling them all in or trying to skip past them can be frustrating.  It’s so easy to jot down just the details you need.
  • Wall calendars and diaries do not need batteries.  They never shut down because you forgot to charge them.  It’s hard to accidentally erase something you’ve written down.
  • Image matters.  Having a wall calendar with nice artwork or a stylish diary just looks good.  We all like to look at pretty pictures, so having a gorgeous wall calendar on the wall with an image that changes monthly makes an office more attractive.  
  • Diaries and wall calendars are powerful branding and promotional tools.  People look at them frequently, several times a day, and every time they see your name and logo.  Whether it is visitors to a home or office with a promotional wall calendar or clients and colleagues at a meeting where a branded diary is pulled out, it isn’t only the calendar’s owner who sees it.  Plenty of other people are exposed to your brand when you use promotional calendars and diaries.

While digital planners are common and most of us use them, they haven’t replaced the paper options.  And they aren’t likely to replace them.  For many reasons, people just like attractive, quality paper diaries and calendars.  That’s why they are still a top promotional gift.

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