promotional hoodie

Put on a jumper, your mam always said, and she was right. It’s that time of year. It’s getting cooler, and your clients need to put on a fleece. Or a hoody. Specifically, they need to put on one that promotes your brand! Tara Promotional can provide you with hoodies, fleeces and more for your staff or customers to promote your brand on the job and wherever they go.

  • For Staff at Work: If your staff wear a uniform on the job, it can promote your brand. You can keep it simple and dignified, and still include your logo and brand name. If your staff go from indoors to outdoors often on the job, they probably put on a jacket going out. Why not give them a fleece or hoody with your brand on it? This keeps the uniform look while also keeping them warm. You don’t want them getting chilled. You care about their well-being not only out of kindness but because sick days cause mayhem.
  • For Staff off Work: Whether or not your staff wear a uniform on the job, giving them a branded hoody or fleece is a good idea. It promotes your brand wherever they go, and it shows your appreciation of their work. Who doesn’t love some work swag, especially if it is useful? You can order your branded fleece or hoody in bulk in assorted sizes, and save them to mark occasions such as the end of an employee’s probation period.
  • For Customers: Your customers are out and about among other potential customers, so it makes sense to seize the opportunity to promote your brand by giving them promotional clothing items as gifts to thank them for their custom.

Practical promotional gifts will be used more than impractical ones. And in Ireland, a fleece or hoody is extremely practical! Offering staff and clients something to bundle up in with your logo when the weather turns cold is both kind and smart. Treating people well is always the best thing to do, and promoting your brand is an endless task. To keep your brand on your audience’s radar, you need to continually find new and timely ways to promote it.

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