Fine Tuning Your Branding Campaign For 2017

2017 calendars

Does your company have its marketing strategy mapped out for 2017? Probably! But for many businesses, the information is still rolling in. A marketing plan isn’t carved in stone. It needs to be flexible, agile even, to adapt to rapid changes in consumer behaviour. Many industries have a bit of down time at the end of the year or the beginning of the new year. It’s a great time to take stock and see if your marketing strategy needs a bit of tweaking before it gets rolling. Here are a few questions to ask as you look over sales figures, social media analytics and other indicators.

  • Are there any surprises in your year end stats? Did anything do significantly better or worse than expected? Any sudden reversal in trends? If so, is it seasonal or due to a change in the market?
  • Did you hit your goals in 2016? If you did so easily, maybe your goals were not ambitious enough. If not, maybe your goals were unrealistic or your company missed some important steps to reach them. You need to determine if you are getting enough solid sales leads and if you are converting them. Getting the leads isn’t enough.
  • How did your promotional products do for you? Did you wind up running short of anything or re-ordering it in a panic? Do you have lots of anything left over? What kind of feedback did you get about your promotional products?
  • Are there any new trends emerging that would influence your marketing plan? New technology can provide you with new ways to reach your audience. Big events can impact your schedule.

Digital marketing is accessible and powerful. But that is no reason to abandon other ways of promoting your brand. The key to a successful digital marketing campaign is to cross promote it on a range of social media platforms. The same principle applies to other forms of marketing. You can use promotional products strategically in your marketing campaign. You can run a contest where people send in photos of how they take a break with your promotional mugs, for example, or ask people to spot your promotional item in a photo you post. Make promotional items such as umbrellas, calendars and pens part of a fun social media campaign to get the most out of them, and get the most out of 2017.