Ah the humble calendar! Almost all of us have at least one in our homes. Sometimes we      take it for granted in favour of keeping track of days on our fancy smartphones or tablets.

  It has always been part of our lives however, helping us remember important dates such  as anniversaries, birthdays and holidays.

What do we actually know about the calendar  and it’s origins though? Here are five interesting things that you never knew about the everyday calendar.



 1) Calendars have been around for thousands of years and were used by Ancient Chinese  dynasties, The Greeks, and The Roman empire.

The oldest recognised lunar calendar in  the world can be found in Aberdeen, Scotland in the form of an arrangement of 12  Mesolithic pits and an arc. Experts say this arrangement dates back over 10,000  years.

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2) Julius Caesar decided to make drastic changes to the existing Roman Calendar in 46  BC. The result of this was the Julian Calendar.

The Julian was refined over centuries and  predominately used by the Roman empire, Europe and the North American Settlements  right up until 1582.


3) This was the year when Pope Gregory XIII decided to make some changes of his own by introducing the Gregorian calendar. The original aim of the Gregorian was to change the  date of Easter and to reduce the number of leap years per century.

This move was met by  contempt by protestants around Europe who viewed this as a Catholic plot. It wasn’t until  the 1750’s that protestant nations England and Germany finally switched over.

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4) Since it’s introduction the Gregorian calendar has remained the most commonly used  calendar in the world. It did however take some countries a lot longer to adapt from the  original Julian Calendar; Russia in 1918 and Greece in 1923.

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 5) Although the Gregorian is the most common there are 6 other main types of calendars  used around the world. There are also the; Chinese, Hebrew, Islamic, Persian, Ethiopian  and the Balinese Pawukon Calendar .

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