Up Your Game with Branded Golf Gifts

promotional golf products

Golf is famous for being a prime networking opportunity as much as a sport. The golf course is a great place for business people to get to know each other and chat in a relaxed way. The focus is on the game being played, usually! But the subtext is often all business. So if you are looking to up your game, a golf themed gift basket of promotional items might be just the thing.

Those who don’t golf might wonder what could be included in a promotional golf gifts besides a large umbrella. But golf involves a lot of accessories, including many small items that golfers like to have plenty of. From wooden tees to golf towels to caps, this is a sport that offers a lot of a chances to get your brand out there. Every golfer needs golf balls and tees. Specialty golf towels and place markers are so convenient they are considered essentials too. Small pencils and scorecard covers are also handy. And golfers wear caps for a reason; they are important to keep the sun out of your eyes when playing.

Golf Gifts From Tara To Fit All Occasions

Presentation matters. When giving promotional golf gifts, you can choose a gift pack that comes in a small bag or you can go big and put the items in a shoe bag or duffel bag that also bears your brand’s name and logo. You can scale your company’s golf gifts. You might want to keep it simple with a nice small gift pack or a set of balls. Or you might want to assemble a complete golf gift pack including a set of balls and tees, makers, pencils, a scorecard holder, cap, golf umbrella and golf towel. All of those items can feature your brand’s name.

Your clients will use these items when they golf with you. But more importantly, they will use them when they golf with others. That gives your brand fantastic visibility. It means your company is getting noticed whenever and wherever your client uses their golf gifts. Promotional items offer a chance to get your brand seen outside of the normal advertising venues. And the golf course is a great place to be seen.