When Should You Give Promotional Calendars?

promotional calendars

Life is busy, and planning ahead is important.  Calendars are a basic tool to do that planning ahead.  They give us a nice visual of what’s coming up and how much time is left until events we’re anticipating.  We are into the second half of the year.  So when should your company start distributing promotional calendars to your clients and potential customers?  

December seems like an obvious time because it is the end of the year.  Sending them out with holiday cards or including them with holiday gifts is so easy.  In December, stores are full of calendars and people are looking ahead to the new year.  But the last month of the year really is the last minute.  People are focused on Christmas and New Year’s, so they are distracted.  Many people already have plans firmed up for the first quarter of the coming year.  So December is really quite late.  It’s fine to give people calendars in December, but your campaign should start sooner and continue until the early days of the new year.

The Case for October

September is too early.  We often have fine weather, and the end of the year is a long way off in our minds.  Families with children are busy getting into the rhythm of the school year.  People without children are heading off on holidays to enjoy off season prices and the absence of children.  If you distribute your promotional calendars too early, you risk people forgetting they have them and not using them.  That’s a waste!

October is actually a fine time to start giving out promotional calendars.  It is the start of the third quarter of the year, and people are starting to look ahead to the fourth quarter.  Many households have various appointments lined up for the new year that far ahead – medical appointments, school projects or exams, family events, NCT for the car and the like.

This is not to suggest that you set out to distribute all of your promotional calendars the first week of October.  The type of business you have will determine how quickly they are distributed.  If you are handing them out to customers who visit your location, mid-October is a good time to start.  

If you are a sales rep, you might want to start early in October if you aren’t likely to see a client again until the new year.  And if you are scheduling appointments with clients, you can give out calendars as you schedule appointments for the coming year.