How Modern Is Your Baggage? | Promotional Bags

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Today, children expect a new rucksack featuring their favourite character to start the school year. Conference goers expect a messenger bag or briefcase stocked with promotional swap when they go to professional events. We expect bags to more than merely practical. We expect them to make a statement. But what about our grandparents? What did they think about baggage?

They definitely did not think about it as much as we do. The modern, lightweight backpack that is universal for students today from junior infants to third level wasn’t invented until the 1960s. Before that, students often simply carried their books in their arms. Some had leather (or faux leather) square book bags that fastened with buckled straps. Before those, some would use book straps to make carrying them easier. Mostly, they had their hands full until the first nylon backpack was invented in 1967.

Suitcases aren’t much older. Before the rise of recreational travel for the middle class in the last century, only elites travelled for fun. And they had servants toting their steamer trunks. They weren’t too worried about how easy the job was. Other people did travel, but they were usually migrating not holidaying.

But the briefcase dates back to the Romans. Clearly, keeping documents safe in transit has been a priority for humanity since we began writing on portable surfaces. The “man bag” isn’t really new. Men carried bags all the time until pockets in clothing became popular in the 1700s. Pockets and backpacks share one huge benefit: they free our hands. It’s easy to see why both have become common.

Briefcases make a statement. They announce that the person carrying them is a professional with documents and accessories too important and numerous to be carried in a pocket or hand. Seoucebabemor . Today, lightweight nylon messenger bags, conference bags, duffel bags and backpacks are powerful tools for branding. They can sport your logo and company name, and go promote your brand wherever they go.

Branded bags are a convenient way for your staff on the go to carry their essentials and identify themselves instantly, and they are also popular and practical promotional gifts.

We all have some baggage. No matter what you are carrying, it is always nice to have a sturdy, safe and easy way to carry it. That’s why branded bags of all styles make such popular promotional gifts.