Is It Time to Rebrand?


Any company that survives long enough will eventually need to rebrand. Maybe the products or services on offer have changed. Perhaps the market has evolved. Or it could even be that the established graphics have become dated. Whatever the reason, it’s something that every successful business faces eventually. And it is a massive undertaking.

It starts with budgeting.  How much is every phase of the rebranding going to cost?  What is the cost of the professionals involved in every stage from research to replacing the current website, signage, stationary, packaging, etc.?  Time must be budgeted as well.  Doing the proper research to develop a successful new brand image takes time as well as money.   What changes to the brand will work most effectively?  What images capture the brand’s true identity today?  Answering these questions involves surveys and study.  And once you have decided upon a new look and new message for your brand, the work of changing over begins.

Introducing Your New Brand Image

Launching your new brand image is a great way to drum up some attention for your business.  Yes, you have to do a lot of dreary work to get your new brand image going.  You need to get new stationery and packaging.  You need a new website, and you need to update all of your social media accounts.  If you have a bricks and mortar location, you need to update your signage and decoration.  Restaurants also need to update their menus and any table items that are branded.

You can boost your new brand image by using branded promotional items in your launch.  If you have any kind of launch event, you can give away branded mugs, mousemats, pens, notebooks and other promotional gifts with your new image.  And even without an event, you can make a point of distributing branded promotional gifts to your customers.  It’s a great way to get your new brand image in front of them and remind them that you are there.

You can prepare little gift packs for your clients to introduce your new brand.  What about a branded pen and notebook with a compliment slip asking clients to take note of your new look?  You could send mugs or travel mugs inviting customers to raise a toast to your rebranding.  Whatever you do, when you are rebranding, promotional gifts with your new brand image are an important way to boost your brand.