Keeping Up With Your Clients at Christmas

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Of course you know what day it is here, but if you have clients in other countries, you need to know what day it is there.  Specifically, you need to know when they are celebrating holidays.  It’s easy to assume that Christmas is on 25th December, but knowing that celebrations have already started in the Netherlands and that Christmas isn’t until January in Orthodox Christian countries helps you connect with your audience overseas.

Sinterklaas starts to visit children in the Netherlands on the second Saturday in November, so parents there start shopping even sooner than in Ireland and the UK.  The excitement peaks on 5th December, the eve of St. Nicholas Day.  Traditionally, the big man in red is all finished there by 6th December – just when many of us are starting to prepare in the rest of Europe.  

Strongly Orthodox countries including Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan traditionally celebrate Christmas in January.  Some of these countries have a winter break that starts with the end of the year and goes through Orthodox Christmas on 7th January.  Greece is a traditionally Orthodox Christian country, but Christmas celebrations there are mostly on the 25th, in sync with most of Europe.  Ethiopia has a majority of Orthodox Christians, and also celebrates Christmas on the 7th January.

It’s Not Just Christmas

While in Ireland and the UK, we stay in holiday mode on the 26th for St. Stephen’s Day or Boxing Day, North Americans are struggling to get back to normal and back to work. Seoucebabemor .  Of course, Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada (the second Monday in October) and the USA (fourth Thursday in November), but that isn’t much consolation to them on the 26th December.

Clients in many countries could also be celebrating Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of light.  The date changes annually because it is based on the Jewish calendar, which is lunar.  In 2016, Hanukkah begins on 24th January and finishes on 1st January 2017.  While Hanukkah is a popular and beloved holiday for Jewish people, it isn’t one that demands followers miss work or school.  But it does merit wishes for a happy Hanukkah for any of your clients who celebrate.

We live in a global world now. No matter where you are or what your business is, if you want to connect with your clients you need to know some basics about which days are significant to them.  You can use your diary to make note of special dates for your clients near and far.  You can also use promotional diaries to reach out to those clients with a practical gift.

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