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Now that we’re two weeks into Lent, the enthusiasm with which you embarked on your Lenten abstinence may be flagging. You may even be questioning your decision and vowing never again engage in such asceticism.

Fortunately, Tara Slevin Group stock a range of promotional products which can help track your progress during Lent and other significant occasions in 2017. The physical act of jotting down your progress can assist you in accomplishing your goal. Lent runs from Wednesday March 1st to Thursday April 13th next year, so you can block out these dates right away and build your plans around them so as to give yourself the best chance of succes, for example by scheduling activities which may tempt you to stray form your convictions outside of this window of time.

Crossing days off a diary or calendar can spur you on to see your Lenten promise through to the end without succumbing to temptation. From desktop calendars to diaries we can supply you with plenty of options to keep tabs on your performance. Striking out days you’ve completed is not only satisfying but it also reinforces the sense of accomplishment which incremental success generates. Cianutsballduckti It can also motivate you to complete your journey, buoying your spirits in moments of weakness. No matter what you’ve given up, nothing’s more enticing than that which is forbidden, so marking a calendar can give you the wherewithal to hold fast to your target by steeling your resolve in moments of weakness. 

With Tara Slevin Group’s diverse selection of calendars and diaries you can maintain your focus throughout Lent and highlight other important dates throughout the rest of 2017. Their convenient sizes allow you to jot down progress on the go and at work. We are Ireland’s market leaders for Diaries and Calendars. Our range of Desk Diaries and Pocket Diaries in Deluxe and Standard covers come with 12 pages of local and international information, Luas, Dart and world maps, cream paper and ribbon markers. Customers can also choose from a vast array of cover colours within our portfolio.

Desk Easel Calendars


Ranging from leather grain effect lined board to PVC finish, our Desk Easel Calendars are available in many vivid colours with several personalization options to boot. Locking into a triangular form with a base strut and die cut aperture in the reverse, these calendars are the perfect means to track your progress in the office. Their compact size means you’re not compromising too much valuable surface space – we’re aware that many companies now operate a clean desk policy placing desk space at a premium. They also allow you to note your progress in a more sublte and private manner. They are manufactured from recycled material and can be screen printed in up to 3 colours.

Desk Calendars

desk calendars stand up
Choose from our collection of Desk Calendars featuring diverse topics such as breathtaking horizons, glamorous travel destinations, marques of distinction and ocean scenes. Quotations with your logo printed on the calendar are also available. They come in the manageable size of 160 x 280 mm which will fit seamlessly in your office or home. Busmuharddilo Each calendar has an advert area of 35 x 260mm, placing a different image in the spotlight every month, with your company name right alongside.


From ADiaries4 to the more convenient A41 and A53 sizes, our Desk Diaries and Pocket Diaries are available in standard or deluxe styles and come in an assortment of colours all made from the highest quality material and to the best standards. They are the ideal companion to any desk. If you want to stay organised during Lent or any other time there is no better way to keep on track. For corporate branded gifts, the desk diaries will ensure that your clients and potential clients will always have your message in front of them.

Aside from tracking your Lenten progress, our set of Calendars and Diaries are also a great way of keeping your brand in front of your customer all year round. We offer a large collection of Wall Calendars, Desk Calendars and Diaries printed with your company logo. We also provide an exclusively Irish class of Calendars as well as products featuring sports, wildlife and much more.

Our Tara Diaries and Calendars are world renowned. No one knows this market better than we do. We hope our products help you fulfill your Lenten ambitions. Place an order today for swift delivery.

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