Never Leave The Office Without These 6 Briefcase Essentials!

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If you are a profession who leaves the office to attend meetings or conferences, visit clients on-site or attend legal proceedings, you probably carry a briefcase. But what is in it? A briefcase should hold the basics you’ll need for whatever event you are attending, but that’s more than just a notepad and a pen!

Never leave the office without making sure you have these essentials tucked into your briefcase.

  • Plenty of pens. A pen that runs out of ink isn’t just annoying, it subtly communicates that you are unprepared. It disrupts the flow of conversation and thought. Carry at least three good quality pens for yourself, and several promotional pens with your company’s logo in case someone you are meeting needs one. You’ll be helpful, and that creates goodwill.
  • Your diary. Make sure you have a good quality diary with room to make notes. You can add times and dates to whatever electronic device you use to manage your schedule, but it is easier to see a real diary and jot down extra information. Carrying a supply of promotional calendars and pocket diaries to offer existing and potential customers is another way to create goodwill and boost your brand recognition. Everyone likes freebies, especially practical promotional gifts they can use.
  • Throat lozenges. Maybe you’ll be greeted with lavish refreshments or maybe you’ll wind up speaking until you are hoarse without being offered a sip. When you are trying to make a point, you need the other person listening to your words, not wondering if you have some contagious virus.
  • Portable charger. Of course you should never head out with your phone or device low on battery power, but life happens. Odds are that you will, especially if you are on the road for much of the day. Seoucebabemor . It’s so easy to make sure your phone or device battery never runs out.
  • 5. Baby wipes. Any parent knows that these do so much more than wipe babies. They’ll clean your face, sort out any lunch that hits your suit jacket and shine up your shoes on the go. You want to be ready to make a good impression no matter what happens along the way.
  • 6. Promotional gifts. When you are meeting a new or potential client, you want to make a great first impression. When you see a repeat customer, you want to show that you appreciate their business. Not all promotional gifts will fit in a briefcase, of course, but aim to keep a supply of small items that are universally appreciated. Promotional calendars and diaries, pens and mouse mats are practical. You can even get branded sweets as promotional gifts.