New Calendar Designs for 2018

European capitals Calendar

One of the reasons Tara Slevin is no. 1 for calendars is because we strive to make our calendars as beautiful as they are practical. Our design team is always looking to improve and expand to meet our customers’ needs. We’re delighted to introduce three new options to our 2018 range of calendars. Here’s an advance preview of Peacefulness, World Sunsets and European Capital Cities.


Who doesn’t crave a moment of peacefulness during their busy day? Each month features a beautiful nature scene that reflects the beauty of that season. From the serenity of snow covered trees to the tranquillity of lakes, this calendar will transport you to an idyllic spot for a quick mental retreat. Something about bodies of water and trees encourages us to relax, and these 12 images include plenty of both.

European Capital Cities

Fancy a quick city break? What about one every month? The catch is that this travel is all in your mind. But the upside is that you can pop over to the European capitol city of the month as often as you like without packing or standing in a queue in the airport. It’s right there on the wall. This calendar will inspire your imagination to take a quick break and dream of your next travel adventure – or perhaps your most recent one.

World Sunsets

What’s your favourite part of the day? When do you feel the most relaxed? For many of us, it’s when the sun is setting. The sky reflects those glorious colours, inviting us to relax and call it a day. The sun sets every single day, and yet it is astonishing and new each evening. This new calendar captures the vibrant beauty of the sunset in 12 different views.

Wall calendars can do so much more than help us plan our time. No mere list of days, a wall calendar can also be a piece of art. It can invite you to think on a deeper level about how you spend your time, what you are working for each day. Workplaces often try to decorate in a way that inspires and motivates employees. A beautiful wall calendar can have the same effect as a motivational poster. It can help employees pause and collect their thoughts. And they are great in the home too. Frazzled parents planning out their family’s activities and everyone who is busy can use a touch of tranquillity in the form of a serene and inspiring wall calendar.

Of course, it does no harm to have your company’s name and logo linked with that mental mini-break. These are images that draw the eye, and when people glance at these calendars, they will also be reminded of your brand. Take a look at our three new designs and see why we are no. 1 for calendars.