In this ever-evolving digital age that we live in there are countless devices that can be used to record and store data. With a devices such as laptops and tablets acting as virtual journals, the process of logging your thoughts, plans & ideas has never been easier.

Many people ponder about how previous generations lived without the amazing technology advances we have at our disposal today. They kept everything in a notebook that’s how. Nowadays our smartphone will helpfully remind us of our 9am dentist appointment through an automated message.

Back in the days of yore – everything was recorded in writing. People would check their notebook each morning to plan their day in advance.

Many historical figures are known to of kept a notebook to document the happenings of their day-to-day lives.

Here are five of the most historically significant and well-known notebook keepers:


Mark Twain

Mark Twain notebook

The world renowned author was said to have kept in excess of fifty notebooks over a four-decade period.

Twain would jot down stories about his adventures, record his views on religion and politics, observations about the everyday people he met and entries containing the witty short musings he became famous for.

He once stated that he never would have remembered any multitude of thoughts that came to him each day if he had not of written them down.


Ludwig Van Beethoven

Beethoven notebook

Nowadays many people are seldom seen without some sort of device in their hand, similarly the composer carried his trusty notebook with him wherever he went. Never one to miss an opportunity, Beethoven did this to record any inspiration or thoughts that may of occurred to him over the course of the day. Trypcirpostlove

Beethoven’s notebook became so synonymous with his appearance that many artists included it in their paintings / depictions of the world-famous composer.


Ernest Hemingway

hemingway notebook

One of the most celebrated notebook keepers of them all, Hemingway once declared  “I belong to this notebook and this pencil”. During his time in Paris he would spend hours in cafes around the city jotting down notes and short-stories while constantly searching for new inspiration.

Hemingway brought his trusty notebook to every place he visited, logging his adventures and experiences where possible.


Pablo Picasso

Picasso notebook

The iconic Catalan artist would fill the pages of his notebook with rough sketches which he used as a base for many of his famous paintings.

His regular notebook musings went a long way towards keeping him sane during troubled times. The extent of which were revealed in two books during the 1930’s.


Anne Frank

Anne frank notebook

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl living in Amsterdam during the second world war. The contents of the three notebooks she kept contained perhaps the most famous and moving diaries ever recorded.

Over a two-year period Anne documented the day-to-day life of herself and her family who were forced to hide from the Nazi regime right up to the family’s arrest in 1944. The story  of Anne Frank and the diary she kept will be forever recorded in history as a stark reminder of the needless horrors of war.

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