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Notebooks have experienced a renaissance in pop culture recently. The lead character in the hit show ‘Girls’ was seen using her favourite notebook to document the perils of being a twentysomething in New York and Jon Hamm has played two fictitious characters whose favourite writing material is their trusty notebook.

This trend toward manual writing is not only back in vogue on the small screen, but also in universities. Experiments conducted by psychologists Pam A. Mueller at Princeton and Daniel Oppenheimer at UCLA compared students taking lecture notes via keyboard and pen and paper. Students were tested immediately after their class and then a week later, having had a chance to review their notes. The results confirm the benefits of manual note taking. The findings of the study highlighted that although those students who wrote longhand notes took down fewer words, they thought more intensely about the material they wrote. Furthermore, they disgested the wisdom imparted to them more thoroughly. By contrast, laptop users took notes by rote, jotting down what they heard verbatim. Perhaps most importantly, when tested, longhand note takers fared significantly better than their digitally inclined compatriots, despite the fact that laptop users had more notes to revise.

The findinNotebook_red_-Rob largegs of this study are unsurprising, when one considers how many great writers and artists committed carefully crafted words and sketches to notebook rather than by typewriter. Hemmingway, Picasso and Van Gogh all favoured the moleskine style notebooks popular in Paris in the early 20th Century. Mark Twain, favoured custom, leather-bound, tabbed notebooks, which he himself designed. He also tore the tabs off each completed page in order to easily find the next blank page – not that we advocate such behaviour! Jane Austin wrote in a quatro staioner’s notebook and Thoreau, as as consequence of working in the family pencil factory as a child, always carried a pencil with his notebook. As the proceding rolecall attests, recording thoughts in a notebook from Tara Promotional Products will place you in good company!

The new 2017 range of notebooks also make the perfect gift for loved ones embarking on travels, studies, journaling, writing the next bestseller or simply transcribing fleeting thoughts. The Tara Luxury Notebook with PU cover is available in a range of colours and is the perfect medium for preserving one’s ideas from the comfort of one’s home. Its soft feel, one hundred lined pages, ribbon marker and elastic nylon closure all convey a luxury which is conducive to writing. For those leading a more nomadic existence, the Tara Luxury Pocket Notebook is the perfect companion. The option to choose either A6 or A5 sizes make this notebook portable enough to bring everywehere inspiration may strike. Moreover, its availability in a variety of colours means one can choose one’s favourite colour or corordinate with the pocket colour of the coat which will house the product.Notebook_yellow_-Rob_small

Our notebooks are not only versatile in terms of size and colour, but also with respect to their potential uses. Whether chosen as a gift for diligent students or, like Kerouac, as a means to document travels – liberated from the need to find WiFi hotspots – notebooks are the perfect vehicle for experiencing the educational and emotional benefits of writing by hand.