One Trick to Keep Staff Focused During Meetings

fidget spinners

Meetings are a sort of necessary evil. For many companies, they are an essential way to share information and discuss issues. But they are also a bit boring. Many managers have tried all sorts of gimmicks and games to keep staff focused at meetings. The task gets even harder during the summer. People are daydreaming of their holidays, and let’s face it. The warm weather can make us sleepy. But there’s a trick to staying focused, and it doesn’t look like what most of us expect.

If your life includes children or media, you have surely noticed the fidget spinner craze. These little toys are the current must-have for youngsters, but unlike many crazes this one has a purpose. The fidget spinner was originally designed to help children focus. While at first glance, the spinning gadget might seem like a distraction. But researchers have learned that often, keeping our hands busy helps our minds stay focused. So should you hand out fidget spinners at the start of the weekly staff meeting? You could, but odds are that the adults on your staff might feel a bit silly. You have a better option.

Make A Note Of This…

Have you ever looked around during a meeting and felt annoyed when you noticed a staffer doodling? Like the spinning a little fidget toy, doodling looks like someone slacking off but actually can be the opposite. Long before hand-held fidgets hit the scene, students and staff alike were prone to doodling. While it is possible to become engrossed in a doodle and lose track of what is being said, for many people keeping their hands occupied helps them keep their mind focused.

You can facilitate this simply by providing notebooks and pens at meetings and conferences. Bonus: it helps ensure people will take notes. But don’t take offense if they are doodling. Experts have found that making all those little squiggles also helps us retain information. And of course it is no harm to give those meeting or conference attendees some branded notebooks and pens to help them remember your brand.

Another bonus of encouraging doodling during meetings is that it promotes creativity. And no matter what your company does, creative employees are a godsend. They are problem solvers. Creativity isn’t just about drawing. Creative people can think outside the box and find better ways of doing things. Don’t stifle that. Embrace it. Hand those folks some notebooks and pens, and encourage them to doodle, to dream and to improve the way your company functions.