How Do People Use Promotional Calendars?

2017 calendars

If you company is looking for an effective promotional gift to thank your customers at the end of the year, consider a calendar. The beauty of a promotional calendar is that it is a marketing tool that can reach individual consumers and business-to-business clients. All of us need to know what day it is and what is coming up next.

If you are selling to individuals, think about a wall calendar. Families will use it to make note of medical and dental appointments, birthdays, school events, holidays and many other occasions. Every time they do, they will see your logo. If your business takes orders by phone, a promotional calendar is also an easy way to keep your phone number convenient. Promotional wall calendars can also be used in reception and waiting room areas where clients are making repeat appointments with your clients.

Desk calendars are handy for office workers and administrative staff. Space is often limited for these employees, so less is more. Many cubicles are made of materials that won’t hold up a hanging calendar, so a small desk calendar is most useful. It is no harm to include a larger wall calendar, especially one with inspirational sayings or relaxing images, for common areas such as open plan offices and break rooms.

Many businesspeople are on the go for most of their work day. They aren’t sitting at a desk surrounded by walls. Sales staff and anyone who travels to their own customer’s location such as tradesmen and inspectors need to consult their schedules many times a day. A diary is the best type of promotional calendar for them. They can carry it with them easily and make good use of it.

A larger, bound diary is a great choice for professionals who spend their days in meetings and appointments. Counsellors, solicitors, physiotherapists and executives need to keep track of all their meetings and appointments. They might have a secretary, but it’s much easier to just glance at a desk diary.

No matter who comprises your client base, The Tara Slevin Group has a promotional calendar they will use and appreciate throughout the year. From elegant desk diaries to colourful wall calendars with a great range of images, we can provide exactly what you need to keep your brand on your customers’ radar in 2017. You may view our full range of calendars HERE.