Plan Ahead With Our Promotional Calendars

Planning ahead is critical for business success. If your company is planning to thank your clients with a year-end promotional gift, now is the time to start making solid plans.  If you think it’s too early and you’re tempted to put ordering promotional gift calendars for 2017 on the long finger, consider these three benefits of planning ahead:

  • Your clients will be making plans for 2017 this autumn.  Major events are planned months ahead, and it is easier to put them into a calendar now.  Sending your promotional calendars out at the last minute means your customers will find other ways to note those events now.  If you want your promotional calendars to be used, you have to provide them when your clients need them – before they get other calendars.
  • It shows your clients that you are thinking ahead and thinking of them.  Timing is everything, and getting your promotional items to your clients sooner rather than later sends the message that your company is on the job.  When they are looking for other promotional items, they want a supplier they can rely on to get the job done on time.  When you send your 2017 promotional calendars in the autumn instead of waiting until December, you demonstrate that your company can be counted on to be on schedule – or even ahead of schedule.
  • Beat the rush and focus on other end-of-the-year tasks.  Life gets crazy at the end of the year, for both individuals and businesses. Seoucebabemor .  Getting your 2017 promotional calendars out in early autumn means you have one less worry.  It lets you focus on the other things you need to do at the year’s end.

Promotional calendars featuring your company’s name and logo work best when your clients get real use out of them, and when you order early and get them to your clients in the autumn, you are providing more value and getting more value.  You also make your own life easier by getting this job done before people’s minds drift to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Tara Slevin Group offers a full range of printing and promotional products, including deluxe desk diaries, pocket diaries, wall calendars and desk calendars.  Choose from a rich variety of calendar art including scenes of Ireland, sports, travel, nature and more designed to allow you to offer your clients a promotional gift with a practical use.