Promoting Your Brand By The Bottleful

promoting your brand

In recent years, sales of bottled water have grown in Ireland and around the world. According to Euromonitor, bottled water is replacing soft drinks in our shopping trollies as we become more health conscious.

Fears about how safe our tap water is to drink have also fuelled the interest in bottled water, and boil notices in Roscommon, Cork and Mayo in the last couple of years have convinced many consumers around the country that it’s better to be safe than sorry. But what does that mean for your company’s branding campaign? It means that a bottle of water is a popular accessory and one that you could enlist in your battle to build your company’s brand recognition.

Many people buy larger bottles of water and then carry smaller bottles for drinking. It’s better value, and it is more environmentally responsible than buying lots of 500 ml or litre bottles to have a reusable bottle to carry. And that reusable bottle could be sporting your company’s name and logo.

Your Brand Can Go Places with a Travel Mug

For a really versatile option, consider a no-spill travel mug. It’s perfect for a hot cuppa on the go or some water to take to the gym. Unlike a regular mug, a promotional travel mug can go anywhere. And that means it will be seen everywhere. A travel mug is a promotional item that can go with people to all kinds of places – a sports practice, down the high street of town in hand or to a parent toddler play group.

Spring is almost here, and that means we’re getting out and about more. When summer arrives, we’ll be heading to the beach and the park, going camping and golfing and enjoying the outdoors. And we’ll be trying to drink plenty of water while we’re out. That’s where your branded no-spill travel mug will come in handy. People appreciate a practical promotional item. When you consider how many travel mugs people buy, it is obvious they will get good use out of one from your company.

Another advantage of using a plastic travel mug as a branded promotional item is that you can wrap your image around the mug. Instead of a small logo seen in one spot, your design and colours are seen from all angles. You can have your name and phone number or website in large print, or you can feature detailed artwork representing your brand. This amount of space gives you real options for the best, eye-catching method for promoting your brand.