Safe & Secure

Stayhold products keep your stuff safe while you keep your focus on the adventure. Epic road trips with all your friends & their luggage. No more broken eggs on trips to the store. All your gear stowed safely for that photoshoot. What ever you need to bring we'll keep it rock solid.

Loved by all

Don't you hate that sound of loose items rolling around in the back of your car? The uncertainty of what caused the sound or if something got damaged... Our cargo organisers bring peace of mind to your driving. Once you use them you won't want to stop. No more damaged goods, no more distractions. Safe driving. Secure stuff.

Use it your way

Our cargo organisers let you adapt to whatever you need to carry. Unlike boxes or other pre-defined organisers ours' fit to your needs. Don't be defined by others decisions. Trust us, when you use our cargo organisers you will wonder how you managed before.

Be the master of your own trunk.

STAYHOLDtm products exist with the intention of improving the experience of transporting cargo. Be it from milk and eggs on a Sunday morning, paint and tools for that DIY job, or the groceries each week. Stayhold has you covered.

STAYHOLDtm Cargo Companions, Classic & Mini work together to hold your cargo whils driving. Use them to create compartments, or just throw one down when you have an object you don’t want to roll around.

STAYHOLDtm Cargo Companions stick to the carpet in your car and act as a barrier to prevent loose items from moving while driving.

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