Promotional Golf Umbrellas for Spring

Rory McIlroy irish Open

Spring isn’t the wettest season in Ireland, but it is the time of year when people want to get outside despite the rain. Stormy winter weather is hard on umbrellas, but spring is a great time to give your clients and prospects a golf umbrella with your company’s logo as a promotional gift. Why are golf umbrellas such effective promotional items?

  • Practical. They are practical. The most powerful promotional gifts are those that your clients actually use and appreciate. With Ireland’s damp climate, a promotional umbrella will be used regularly.
  • Visible. Your logo will be clearly visible on a large, colourful golf umbrella. With 75 cms ribs, a golf umbrella is hard to miss even on a dull day or in a crowd.
  • Value. Golf umbrella is the Rolls Royce of brollies. It gives your clients a clear message that you value them and that your company appreciates their business.
  • Portable. People can bring umbrellas everywhere. From the high street to sporting events, your logo will really get around on a golf umbrella. It gives you fantastic exposure.
  • Durable. This is an item that will last. Umbrellas don’t get used up, and a sturdy golf umbrella won’t be damaged on a windy day as easily as a regular umbrella. People get years of use from a quality golf umbrella.

A promotional golf umbrella is an excellent stand-alone client gift. It has a value and utility that do not need to be bumped up with extras. But, of course, you can include it in a larger package to show your appreciation to your clients.

You can create a promotional gift package of golf related items including the umbrella, golf balls, magnetic forks, golf towels and even golf shoe bags. Do you golf with clients? Such a promotional golf gift package could be a great way to mark a business anniversary or other milestone. If you are organizing any kind of event such as a training or retreat that involves golf as a way to connect and unwind, a hamper of golf themed promotional gifts would be perfect. It shows your clients that you can, and it also means that your brand will be seen out on golf courses where potential clients are.