Stayhold is an innovative yet simple new product designed to secure loose items in your car boot or trunk. Designed in Ireland but now selling to a global audience, we are delighted to announce that Stayhold products are now stocked by Tara Promotional Products.

Made from durable and toughened plastic, Stayhold works by gripping to the carpet material in your car to prevent it from moving when an object pushes against it. It works in 90% of all cars. This work similar to velcro. This makes Stayhold useful for driving with groceries, suitcases, glass bottles, and countless other items in the back of your car.

The product comes in both a large and a mini size, depending on your needs.

For bigger items and for creating comparments in your boot or trunk you can use multiple Stayholds. As Stayhold say, “these compartments are completely modular and are super easy to reposition every time you use your trunk.”

Stayhold is also waterproof and it’s glossy plastic surface makes it extremely easy to clean.

“Stayhold was born from an annoyance of having loose objects move around in the car. From this we took a notion, developed it into a bunch of ideas, from there it grew into a full design concept and then we were able to turn it into a product and form a brand and company around what the initial notion stands for.”

Online Reviews of Stayhold:

stayhold“I was completely flabbergasted by how strongly they attached. I didn’t think velcro could even hold that securely…We’ve been able to use them to secure all kinds of heavy loads and now when we go to our local store our stuff actually stays where it’s supposed to. These definitely exceeded my expectations.”

“These stayholds have given me back my trunk space and time. No more rearranging to make things fit. Great organizers!”

“These work GREAT!!! I don’t have a garage so I keep a few extra items in the trunk (windshield washer fluid, rainex, etc.). These keeps items, large and small, in the right place. Very happy with them!”