Tips For Giving Promotional Items

Giving and receiving gifts can be a bit awkward for some of us, even at occasions such as birthday parties and weddings where it standard. It’s natural to feel a little awkward doing anything for the first time, including giving away promotional items for your brand. You really don’t want to show that awkwardness, though, because it can undermine confidence in your brand. You have every reason to be confident giving away promotional items. You are being thoughtful, and people love receiving freebies.

If that isn’t enough to help you feel totally confident when giving out promotional calendars or mugs, here are a few tips about the best ways to do it.

  • Don’t make too big a deal of it. It only ramps up the awkward factor if people feel like the spotlight is on them. And it looks downright silly to try to big up a promotional item, no matter how amazing and useful it is.
  • Do try to give your promotional gifts out in person and take a moment to personally thank the recipient for their time and consideration, whether it is long-standing client or a potential customer.
  • Do be clear it is a way for your brand to say thank you.
  • Don’t wrap a promotional item or present it in the way you would give a gift in a situation where you were exchanging gifts. It isn’t an exchange really. It’s promoting brand recognition. What you are hoping for is the recipient’s attention to your brand, not a gift in return.
  • Do match the promotional item to the recipient. Some items, such as promotional calendars or pens, are universally useful. Others, such as mouse pads or umbrellas, are more suited to some recipients and businesses than others.
  • Don’t forget to carry more promotional items than you think you need. If you are calling in to a client’s office to give promotional desk calendars to the administrative staff, you don’t want to be caught out when you discover they’ve hired two additional people.
  • Do link the giving to an event if possible. Be clear it is an end of the year acknowledgement or a thank you for attending a meeting or other event.
  • Don’t talk down the gift. Even if it is a pen, don’t be dismissive of it. That creates the sense that the company doesn’t really value the recipient.
  • Do point out that your contact details are on the promotional item – if they are! “I appreciate your help with scheduling those meetings. If you need to get in touch, our number is on this pen. I’m happy to answer any questions.”

You can find many reasons to give promotional gifts to your customers and potential customers.

Whenever and however you do it, make sure to give them a smile as well.

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